Thursday, September 15, 2011

Restoration Resources: Push button lightswitches

You may have one of these in your home. The Pushbutton switch. The pushbutton switch was the standard in early wiring. However they were designed in the days before grounded wiring and often are not able to carry the load of modern electrical lighting.

However it is possible to maintain that early period look and still have the safety of modern grounded switches.  Classic Accents is one of several companies that now made pushbutton switches that meet national electrical code requirements. They also sell switches for 3 way switching application and  dimmer switches:

They also sell period style cover plates and even picture hanging hardware, bin pulls, and hinges.


Todd McFarland said...

Wow, they're cheaper that I thought they'd be. 13 bucks isn't bad for being grounded and up to code.

Paul Wilham said...

I like the fact they even have dimmers which with regular switches always is a problem