Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cincinnati Preservation Bargains: A 3 story Mansion for 10 cents on the dollar!

I am always in awe of the riches Cincinnati has to offer and since I travel the counrty doing Preservation Consulting work I see what houses like this bring in the real world. Drop this house just about anywhere else and its a 1/2 million bucks.

Here is a Three Story, 144 Year Old frame Italianate "villa" mansion with stone wall, original porch and trim sitting on a 29x94 foot lot for a jaw dropping price of 17,900. MLS number1289105 offerred by Sherrod Real Estate Group. 2509 Park in Walnut Hills, there is a lot of redevlopment and restoration in the area so this house makes sense for conversion back to the grand manor it once as. The auditors site ahows this house at over 4300 square feet and sold in 2010 for 181,K. That means the bank is liquidating this for less than 10 cents on the Dollar! Maybe the best "preservation bargain' we have ever featured!

Do you know of a Preservation bargain? A house that just needs a preservation minded person to bring it back to the grand house it once was? If so let us know at and we may feature it here. Since we started this series we have saved numerous homes from the clutches of slumlords or the city bulldozer. Saving Cincinnati, One house at a time.

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