Friday, October 21, 2011

Haloween and buying a "scary house"

Yes Halloween. The Victorian loved Halloween and had all sorts of interesting traditions and cards and games they played. It was all good fun and innocence.Not like today with Police escorts and X rayed candy. The world is  much scarier place.

Someone sent me a request for a "spooky house" photo for Halloween. At first that stumped me and I realized well there was nothing more scary than our house when we first bought it so I sent them some of ours.

Looking back, it was a pretty scary place and its easy to forget now just how awful it looked back then. A 'sane' person would have simple never got out of the car. After all we could have bought in Hyde Park or Indian Hills. I bet we would never have seen a city building inspector. But that would not have been any 'fun'! This is fun ..right?

That's really what its about, saving an old house. A house that would be in a landfill now and a neighborhood that would have stayed in decline! It is almost three years since we closed and we are far from done. My little hobby 'haunts' me. Restoration, at least at the level we are doing takes time. There is no 'magic wand' you wave and its not like you can find skilled people these days with historic restoration expertise. Well you can but millions is not in my budget. So we make progress, slowly but surely but when you look back at what one started with you really do appreciate the progress we have made.

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