Monday, October 3, 2011

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

Flexibility is key to restoration and your sanity when restoring an old house. I have been helping one of our neighbors with some advice and help with his restoration and he gave me a claw foot tub over the weekend. Now ours had been stolen years ago when the house was in foreclosure and was likely sold for scrap and I have been wanting a replacement and keeping my eye out for one. My thing is that I wanted a larger one and this tub is perfect at  5'10'. Made in Louisville KY it somehow made its way up river to Cincy years ago.

It has issues and needs to be reglazed on the inside (they all do) and repainted on the outside. Of course I won't just paint it but will stencil a design on it and gild the feet. Plain Jane will not due with our house. Look for some posts covering the restoration of this tub. Overall its in decent shape and before we brought in it we cleaned it up a bit on the outside and sanded it do it will be ready for paint. Some chipped areas on the outside and those were sanded and any filling will be done with some auto body filler/epoxy and it will be primed in the upcoming weeks and painted. I brought the feet so so they can be stripped prepped and painted. I will cover that project on an upcoming blog post.

And the saga continues in the dining room. This week we painted wall with the primer with lots of sanding in between. Now comes paint selections and base coats and the stencilling process begins again!

Will we EVER be done?


Karen Anne said...

It never occurred to me, how do the feet attach to a clawfoot tub?

Paul Wilham said...

These slide into a channel and have a clip that attaches with a screw