Monday, October 31, 2011

Knox Hill Project: weekly update. stenciling ceiling details

There is just something about 10 foot ceilings that make stencilling difficult. Maybe its the fact that you are using a ladder and the constant up the ladder..down the ladder. I'd much rather be in a church or theatre wher I have scaffolding or a lift. But work continues.

As I said last week I always try to do a  small 'mockup' area in a corner so I get a good idea just how things look and go together. That way, if I need to change anything, I can. As it turned out ,I did make a change with one of the stencils. The 'diamond' pattern that was below the crown molding had to go. It was too 'heavy' a design in that location. So we came up with a lighter new modified stencil pattern based on Neo Grec elements found in the other stencils in the house. This design works much better in its location and is transferable easily for the ceiling reverse.

The room is moving along and we installed more molding, though we still have hanging rails and crown to complete. Overall I am pleased  with thr way the room is progressing. It just takes time. Of course with colder weather I now have some client projects to stencil too, so my time becomes more limited for my own project.


barbara said...

Your neck must be killing you; but you're doing a beautiful job!!

Paul Wilham said...

Well you pace yourself. I will do a little ceiling work thena little wall work. Ir also allows the painted stencil drying time.

I am also limiting my time to a few hours a session. Right now thats all the spare time I have as I am working on client projects too.