Friday, October 7, 2011

Restoration resources: Countertops: Choices other than Granite

In the world of HGTV and many realtors, Granite is the ONLY acceptable material for countertops. Of course they also feel that only IKEA makes cabinets.

The fact is nothing is more disconcerting that a nicely restored house witha kitchen that looks like it came out of a spaceship. The facts are that while granite is a nice material for a countertop it is not certainly the ONLY material you can use in a kitchen.

Soapstone is an inert product which means unlike granite it wont be affected by acids. It is a stable sturdy material and you can even get it as sinks or built in cutting blocks.

Slate is another material good for counterops, Now it is acceptable to acids but has a low absorbtion rate. Very stable material that wears well.

Copper, yes copper, makes a great counter surface and its antimicrobial.

Zinc countertops, once  standard fare, are now making a comeback as well. It ages to soft grey color and is a perfect solution for those wanting  a old style countertop.

So yes Virginia, there is more to kitchens than Granite!

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Karen Anne said...

Granite countertops, almost as bad as stainless steel appliances.