Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Capturing that elusive "old house feel".

Old houses have personality. They can exude warmth with that certain 'aloofness' that makes them 'quirky'. There are times when, in just that right light, you can forget the complexities of modern day life and feel transported back in time.

Our Indianapolis house, affectionately known as "The Willows" for the several Willow trees on the lot, started out life in 1896 as a shingled style Victorian cottage and had a major remodel in 1915 to the Craftsman style. By the time we got it all sense of style, and every piece of original woodwork, had been stripped from the interior in 2001 by misguided HGTV inspired  remuddlers.

We elected to restore to the 1915 period due to the exterior  work that had been done but created an ambiance where Victorian antiques were still at home. Warmth is imparted by the use of amber tinted lights which will give one the feel of gas lighting color without the danger. NO CFL's here!

Most of our antiques will transport seemlessly to the Nagele-Merz House and I already can see in my minds eye where every one will be placed. As we get closer to that, I can't wait!.


Karen Anne said...

Cam you say more about the amber lights? Sources? Thanks.

Paul Wilham said...

They are just a colored bulb light made by Westinghouse and called a "party bulb". They come in several colors red , yellow, green but the Amber color is perfect for an old house they are 25 watt and provide a softer light in multi bulb fixtures and are not a harsh white light. Menards carries them as does some of the other big box home improvement stores. Lighting shops can get them too. Probably can oder ethm on line by the case.

Nigel Block said...

Great idea! But don't you think its kinda creepy? My opinion only. But having a house with those things on it is a must-have house.

Karen Anne said...

I found them online. The ones they call orange, I am thinking.