Friday, November 4, 2011

Cincinnati Preservation Bargains: A West End Italianate Mansion

For those of you who haven't been over to the West End lately, things are changing. More and more of the grand homes, previously turned into multi family dwellings are being converted back to single family homes by Preservationists and executives trying to eliminate to eliminate those long commutes. While most of the restoration has been confined to Dayton Street, that is starting to change and many historic homes on other, nearby streets, are now under restoration.

Large homes simply do not come up for sale often in the West End and this home, at 4500 square feet plus a carriage house on two lots, is a rare a opportunity indeed. Due to the urban density in the downtown any house with a side yard is  highly desirable.

This home, as expected, needs restoration having been a tri plex rental for years. It is brick and the original side porch appears to be in good shape. This home is MLS# 1289991, 916 York Street, and is offered for 50K by Real Living Realty Services. That is less than you would pay for shell in OTR with no yard or carriage house.

Do you know of a Historic Preservation bargain? A home that just needs a preservation minded owner to make it shine again? If so contact me at and we may feature it here. Since we started this series, dozens of homes are now in preservationists hands , saved from the clutches of slumlords or worse yet, a city bulldozer. Saving Cincinnati, one house at a time.


Anonymous said...
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Todd McFarland said...

Even the iron fence survived. I need to win the lottery

Jason said...

That is a beautiful property. My wife and I are interested, but I doubt we could afford the renovation costs right now. Its an enormous house though. Probably too big for our needs.