Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday posting schedule: Per Hannaford the Housecat

Hey Hannaford the Housecat here with the Holiday Posting schedule. Paul and Greg are busy getting stuff done so I guess I have to do this holiday posting thingy which is gonna be quick because this is keeping me from important stuff like sleeping.

There will be no blog posting until,next Monday because they have to do things like cook that big Turkey , which has my name on it so don't get any ideas! Oh and if you are sitting around doing nothing over the  Holidays dont forget to shop Paul and Greg's E-store...its that link  thingy over on the right with the scrolling Art and antique stuff.. I dont know what that stuff is, but the sale of it keeps me in catfood and toys so BUY IT!

Gotta go, I have important sleeping and eating planning to do, so Happy Thanksgiving.

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