Monday, November 14, 2011

Knox Hill Project: Weekly update: Fine Line work

Still stencilling, what else? Things are starting to really come together and we have now established the proper location of the picture hanging rail which was established based on the small stencilling for the wall panel bordering.

This left us with a space below the larger fieze stencil. Originally this was a line the same color as the main stencil. I elected to change it to the lighter blusih green color near the top as it unified the overal upper stencil area. This is a one inch line ( the original was 1 3/8) however I decided to outline this color band with two fine black lines which makes it pop and creates more depth,

There is other work going on right now and Greg worked on the second floor removing the plaster from the old kitchen stove chimney. He made pretty quick work of getting it cleaned off. We will be carefully deconstructing this chimney and salvaging the brick which will likely be used for flower bed edging. Nothing gets wasted around here!

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