Monday, November 7, 2011

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update: Stencil details

This week we have started some more of the small stencil detail work.and installation of the chair rail. The hanging rail is ready for install but its exact location will be dependent on the " Wall Fill Panel Border". This is the area above the chair rail and below the hanging rail which will be located below the large frieze border.. The exact height of the hanging rail will wind up where ever the stencil border "corners" at the top.

This is the same small stencil used at the top of the ceiling by the crown molding it is 'mirrored' in the corners. We also have to gold leaf a line on the chair rail as well. Soon we will start the dado area  pattern stencilling. I had to work on lower areas due to some knee problems which made climbing the ladder a problem, hopefully things will be back to normal and I can get this finished.

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