Monday, November 21, 2011

Knox Hill Project: weekly update. The wall fill stencilling

This week we started the “wall fill” phase of our Dining room stenciling restoration project. The wall fill is the area between the chair rail and the hanging rail in a typical Victorian home. It is not normally a big issue except in our case be have a border design running all the way around the fill so our “field’ is a finite area. In other works unlike a regular wall fill, its not like wallpaper that can continue around an inside corner and continue on the next wall.

The result is the use of dreaded Mathematics to calculate the distance from the continuous borders and the spacing you need for the individual stencil ornaments that make up the wall fill pattern. Earlier I took measurements of each wall fill area (there are 8 in the room when you consider doors and windows). What you must do is calculate the actual measurements inside the border dimension. This gives you the size of each fill area. You then calculate a common distance the field needs to start from the border and the distance between each stenciled ornament. In our case that is 6 1/8 inch between each stencil.

I like to create a mockup on plastic sheet to see how it will look I can then place stick this to the wall to see how the spacing will look. This is also useful to check your work against. In spite of all the calculations wall dimensions always vary slightly so you need to do minor corrections. This requires a great deal of patience, as there will be over 500 individual stencil ornaments around the entire room that make up the fill. Needless to say this process will take some time just because you need to double check measurements as you go.

The baseboard is also going down. As you know we will be doing a wood inlaid floor in here and we must also put down a ¼ inch Luan under-layment so the baseboard must be spaced higher than the existing floor to accommodate the flooring

Upstairs the chimney is now exposed that must come down in the kitchen area, more to come on that project.

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