Monday, November 28, 2011

Knox Hill Project: Weekly update, Ceilings and chimneys

Holiday weekends? Well more time to work! We did fit in Thanksgiving dinner however. Great weather was a big help this week and we were able to get some long overdue things crossed off on the To Do List.

Here you can see the banding and corner block being painted
One big project is of course the dining room and with most Victorian restorations stencilling and painting does not end at four walls as there is the 'fifth wall' , the ceiling. We were able to determine most of the ceiling design and the rest we were able to extrapolate based on what we knew about layouts. Colors were easy ( we could scrape areas of the plaster ceiling to get down to original colors) and we were able to determine the corner layouts cased on that and it gave us some banding info on the ceiling as well. We were able to determine the original ceiling medallion size too and have ordered a  period appropriate design for the room.

Corner blocks are masked off: Expect to use a lot of masking tape as you do layouts and painting
Ceiling measurements are critical as you need to have the exact location of the room and then you often have to interpret how the original artisan dealt with the fact the fact that the room is slightly longer than wide. Once  we had determined the original layout we laid out the design on a graph paper. Those measurements were then marked in 12 inch increments from the 'visual center" center of each wall. The visual center is determined by the use on common architectural landmarks. In our case the center between the two windows on the east wall and the center of the fireplace on the south wall. This visual center is the location of the chandelier and how the dining room table will be centered in the room. Visually as you look up at the ceiling everything should look properly spaced on the design. Thus far we have laid out the corner block areas the wall center location and the banding and were able to plot the center the center field and bands but those will must be drawn out. You can only spend so much time on a ladder looking up!
The chimney pot was saved and will be used on the front chimney after it is cleaned and sealed.
The other big project is the old kitchen chimney from the wood stove days. This chimney in addition to serving no purpose had issues with tuckpointing because unlike the main chimney at the front of the house which was tuckpointed and relined when a furnace had been put in, this one never was addressed. We couldn't just remove it because that would have left a hole in the ceiling so we had a fixed hatch made which just slipped in to the old opening and fit around the existing flashing which gave us a watertight and secure roof. We will be able to remove the bricks from the inside over the winter and by spring will be ready for the next phase of the new kitchen wing. We saved the Chimney pot which will go on the front chimney stack(after we retrofit a rain topper) and the brick will be used for landscape edging in the spring

So on what was probably the last warm weekend we were able to get this problem resolved. The neighborhood is clearly making progress as you could hear the sound of hammers and saws which have replaced the sounds of boomboxes and barking pitbulls...PROGRESS!!!


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