Thursday, November 3, 2011

Public Artwork (murals) on Historic Buildings

I will be the first to admit, I typically 'hate' public art on historic buildings. It usually looks more like graffiti or something painted by 8 year olds without supervision. It normally takes the eye away from the inherent architectural beauty of a neighborhood or commercial district. I hate it almost as much as billboards stuck on the sides, or top, of historic buildings.

But when I saw this mural, painted on a highly visible blank wall of a building in downtown Indianapolis at 44 Virginia Avenue, I smiled. It is well executed, it blends with buildings around it and it's clever. We need to see more of this and less of what passes for art stuck on the sides of many buildings by no talent, self proclaimed, 'artists'..

I am totally for restoration of old historic signs and we need a program to identify, catalog them and restore them. Especially in areas like Over the Rhine in Cincinnati

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