Friday, December 16, 2011

Extreme Home Makeover Season 10 Cancelled: About Time!

First, I have never had a problem with the concept to reward those who give back to their community. I think many are far to under recognized for the good things they do, I will not miss this show and I say its about time.

The show started in the frenzy of the housing boom, and its main thrust was to demo everything in sight and build some new tacky extravagance in its place that often was far beyond the means of the people receiving it to afford to maintain or pay the property taxes on. In fact many found themselves in worse financial hardship after the show than before it.

I will not miss watching often restorable houses imploded, exploded,  or flatened in a variety of cute ways. The show was about 'excess' and its demise may be indicative of a shift back from those excesses. Interesting to note, Ty Pennington recently shopped a new show called Great America Auction that instead seeks out people in financial distress, who may own  valuable historic things and helps them bring top dollar. This concept is nothing but  a rip off of the Keno Brothers show, but at least there seems to be a focus shift away to people being more self reliant.

Maybe its a sign of a shift away from excess, about living smaller and smarter. Perhaps , given this countries financial crisis and socialist leaning attitudes of the last few years, maybe, just maybe, there is a shift back to the  concept off living within your means, appreciating what you own and not feeling "entitled" to have something just because someone else , who has worked harder or smarter than you, has it.

I for one, will not miss Extreme Home makeover, just as I won't miss seeing another lime green and silver painted wall urbanist monstrosity interior in a shell of a single family new home.

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Karen Anne said...

I hardly think it's reasonable to blame "Socialists" for a tasteless, moronic television program. No one I know with an IQ higher than the double digits, regardless of political persuasion, thought that show, like 95% of television today, was anything but a exercise in vulgarity.