Monday, December 19, 2011

Knox Hill Project Weekly Update: Ceiling paint

Taping and layout and lots of painting, pretty much describe the last week in dining room. The design layouts are done and now its just a question of getting the base paints on then  faux finishes stencilling and the center panel painting.

We are now getting to the phase that requires a lot of small brush "cut in" work, especially on the circular portion that cant be taped off of course once all the base paint is put on we will begin the process of painting the gold leaf and color lines that define the panel, not to mention the Renaissance sky painting that will be in the center section where we still have to install a medallion. We also have the restore of the crown molding to install as well. Naturally, there will be hours spent glazing and patina work to the ceiling to give it that appropriately aged Neo Grec look...stay tuned.,

But, overall, considering the limited time I have right now with the holidays and consulting and decorative work for clients, its going pretty well,

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