Friday, January 6, 2012

Bracket Restoration Project

As regular readers know the Second Empire Cottage across the street is being restored now and it has some lovely repeating brackets across the front below the box gutter.  The owners wanted to fix the existing brackets two of which had damage on the lower ends. Since the rest of the brackets were in good shape I decided to make a couple of repair pieces for them.

To do this we make a template with a piece of cardboard showing the basic shape of a good bracket.

This was  then cut and put on the wood blank. The blank was  formed by gluing up two 2x4's and a 1/2 board which gave us the required width. Two countersunk screws were used to hold the pieces together while they set up. The brackets were cut on a  band saw for convenience, though you could cut all the pieces separately with jigsaw and then glue them up. But a band saw saves time.

Any irregularities are filled and base coat of primer put on. Four screws will attach this from the front and holes will be filled with bondo. There is still some sanding to do but you get the idea.. The owner will cut off the bad lower part and replace it with this repair assembly and irregularities will be filled with bondo then sanded. The repair should be good for another 100 years.

I'll follow up with a photo once they are installed.

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