Monday, January 2, 2012

Knox Hill Project Weekly Update: Ceiling stencilling

Another week and more progress. This week we started the line work and stencilling on the ceiling.

As you know we have four 'field' panels that suround the sky mural panel in the center. These are seperated by the tan color. To greater define the panels and add greater depth we added a light green line which is defined by ebony lines. This same detail is repeated on the wall as part of the frieze panel. This 'ties' the wall and ceiling visually via color.

The creation of the field stencilling is done with individual stencil impressions that are applied in random on the ceiling . You don't want to know how many individual impressions it will take to accomplish this and I dont want to really think about it but the overall effect looks like wallpaper. What is really interesting about this technique is the design 'appears' as you walk around the room when the gold picks up the reflection of the light.. This should be very visual at night and especially by candlelight during dinner. You want to 'load' the gold paint up when stencilling as it is the  irregularity of the paint depth that creates the facets that reflect the light.

Greg has been working on variety of project but the primary one at the moment is stripping several layers of paint  to get back down to the raw wood of the hanging rail so new paint and golf leaf can be applied. He has done a remarkale job of getting all the paint out of the complex curves of the hanging rail.

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