Monday, January 9, 2012

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update. "Corner Block" stencilling

On the home front we have been working on the ‘corner blocks' on the ceiling of the dining room. A corner block is just what it sound like, a design in each corner of the room, usually square with an ornamental design on it. They help define the corners of the room and are a decorative accent.

In our case the corner block is one panel of the Neo Grec frieze design that is angled towards the center of the room.

Once the center was done the next step is to create the ebony line and that is done by masking tape. That line is 3/8 wide.

The last stage of this is to make the corners, which are the small border design ornament, and those are connected with another line (this one gold) that goes between the corner emblems. Work continues albeit slowly but we are getting there.

We also located a nice chandelier this week. It is a five light unit styled after a gasolier. For it to work for us we have to make some changes, as it needs an extension brass (instead of the chain) and a ceiling ‘bell’ where it attaches at the top. We have the bell; we just need the extension brass. We will cover this conversion back in and upcoming blog (one we find the piece we need.). No complaints here though as we found this chandelier for sixty bucks!

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