Monday, January 30, 2012

Knox Hill Project Weekly Update

Dining room stencilling continues and while I am doing that Greg is now focusing on the staircase area.

This are presents some interesting challenges as it was changed a couple of time over the years. When first built it was curved stair only to be replaced with a  more conventional stair with landing around 1890. Then when they added an internal staircase to the basement circa 1900, they took out the railing and newel and replaced that with a bead board wall that closed off the (then new) staircase to the basement. Not to mention getting rid of the staircase landing window.

So we have our work cut out for us in this area which involves a new newel post, column, fretwork, railings and architectural paneling.

At some point they just covered the walls and ceilings in this area with the dreaded 'texture". Fortunately they were too lazy to paint it so we are starting the removal process which is done by first taking a push broom and getting rid of the loose stuff. That is followed by lightly spraying with a mixture of warm water and vinegar which loosens the texture. Another technique that works is to take the sticky floor plastic, (used to protect floors in open houses), you simply apply it to the wall and it grabs the texture. NOTE: This works ONLY if your plaster is well keyed in the wall.

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