Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ditch the Ditch! : Save Historic Fairmount: Meeting Tonight!

The third of a series of "concensus building" meetings on the Lick Run daylighting project is scheduled for Feb 23rd at the Orion Academy at 1798 Queen City Blvd.. Tonight the S Fairmount Community Council meets ay 7:30 to discuss a 100 Year plan for Fairmount.,and has hired a enginnering firm,.Hargrove Engineering to generate the Hargrove Engineering South Fairmount Sustainability 2111 Plan, a 100 year plan, to address the sustainability, stability, jobs, impact to the rate payer and in addition the Needs, Wants and Don’t Wants of the South Fairmount community.  The problem is virtually no one in Fairmount knows about this.

If this  MSD project occurs (a glorified quasi-urban renewal drainage ditch) as MSD wants it to, it will result in wholesale demolition of the entire historic Fairmount business district and will represent the single largest wholesale Urban Renewal demolition since the Queensgate demoltions that occurred In Kenyon Barr in the 1960's which is now a textbook example of bad urban planning:



The loss of the South Fairmount business district would be yet another example of the failure of this city, and historic preservation, and further destroy our national image.

As a preservationist you know we can't save them all, but we can save Fairmount. Knox Hill has stood up on every preservation issue in this city since 2008, and we ask you to stand with us. This project depends on Federal funding at several levels. There is a proposal that will daylight farther down the basin (at Grand street) and preserve the historic areas and we need to fight to see this plan is the one used. I URGE you to attend this meeting and stand up for Preservation. Knox Hill will fight this in federal court, and HUD and EPA filings, if necessary, but we can stop this now with a show of opposition and force MSD to use a less invasive , pro-preservation plan that will save our history. This plan would never be considered in an area like Hyde Park but for some reason its "OK" in "poor" South Fairmont.

Valentines Day is supposed to be about love and if you "Love" Preservation show up at this meeting and stand up for historic preservation, stand up to MSD and the misguided Fairmount Community Council (who never saw a building they didn't want to tear down). 2011 was a year of major historic loss in this city. The OTR losses by CPS, the loss of an entire historic block for student housing in Corryville and dozens of historic eligible homes destroyed by this city because of their addiction to federal CDBG funds. We may also see the tragic demise of the Gamble house in 2012 because our city governement simply doesn't give damn about historic buildings and cares more about special interests and federal dollars. 2012 should be the year we say "No More". It is time to stand up to the "closed door, back room politics" and say this is our city, we love it, we care about it and you will not be allowed to destroy it! We can save Fairmount if you show up and say no more . "Ditch the Ditch' ! There is nothing "green" about putting 80 pre 1900 buildings in a landfill at cost of millions of your local, state and federal tax dollars. We need to let the Fairmount Community council know we want Fairmount restored and preserved, not bulldozed.

I urge you to attend this meeting and stand up for Preservation. If you can't attend please forward this to your friends who may be able to attend.

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