Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Knox Hill Project: Weekly update: Hallway and siding

It has been a 'hodgepodge' of activity this week and a bunch of small projects are coming together in some  part due to milder weather.

One of our scores this week was tile for the shower. We purchased this from Covington Re-use Center, which has a center at 1530 Treemont Street , just down the hill from us. These 12x24 inch tile sheets were just 2.00 each. They will be perfect for the tile floor of our shower and they have a small ridge which helps them avoid slips. The green should be a nice contracts to the traditional white subway tile we are using..  I plan on a blog post later this week about tee  re-use center.

The milder weather has allowed us an opportunity to do a little recycling of our own, in reusing the siding from the west side that covered the old landing window and reusing it on the east side. Work is continuing on that.

I am also working on the restoration of the architectural paneling that used to be in  the upper staircase area. This currently exposed area will soon have new wood trim and the spindles/railing will be removed and a new  "old railings and proper corner posts installed.

We are also working on removing the last of the 'texture" that was applied to the walls. We found this "ghost image" of something that was mounted  in the stair area. It looks like there may have been a fretwork panel that spanned the staircase area. Oh to have time machine and see what it looked like!

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