Monday, February 13, 2012

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update: Trim work

I wish I could share everything that is going on, we have many irons in the fire right now and our project  moves along but should be releasing some news soon. But lets just say we are picking up the pace a bit.

Last week we discussed the restoration of the window back into its opening on the landing. Now that it is in, we now have to trim it out. We are using poplar for the trim as it will be faux grained and Poplar is a good base wood for this. Side trim is 5 1/2 inches wide and is a good scale for this size window and based on some detective work when we uncovered this area we thing its close to the original size. With some additional trims applied on but we should be able to duplicate the original look. The other issue is 'veenering' the plastic parts of the replacement window, and I will be doing this in an upcoming blog post.

I cannot stress how important caulking and foaming is when installing a window. You can have the best window but it it isn't properly installed and sealed you will have drafts. Any area where air infiltration could occur was insulated  or caulked. Of course one the new stained glass window is in front of it  you will not see this window, so its important to seal everything right the first time.

More to come stay tuned.

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