Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Series "Hidden from View"- Great Cincinnati Mansions

In spite of the city's relentless use of the bulldozer to eliminate blight, sitting quietly behind things like Apartment buildings, retail  and warehouses , some of Cincinnati's finest architecture sits, waiting to be rediscovered and hopefully saved.

The other day while driving in Price Hill I spotted out of the corner of my eye, a Second Empire Roof line and a tower. In fact thousands drive by this everyday and probably do not even give it a thought but I was curious enough to see if from the air I could see what lied behind a rather non descript and boarded up 1940's apartment building. What I saw was amazing.

Behind the crappy apartment building was a huge Second Empire Mansion! I made some inquiries and found out that this is the Kreis Mansion . It is the last of the extravagant gilded-age mansions that once lined Glenway when that part of Price Hill was known as the Village of Warsaw. Why the developer decided to just 'add-on' rather than demo is not known however this house, while distressed, it is brick and likely structurally sound. It is however, on the demo list, and efforts must be made to save it. It is an important part of early Price Hill history.

Removing the 'cancerous growth' of the apartment building would be relatively easy. The expense with the mansion would be in the recreation of its once grand interior. It would clearly have to be a labor of love and dedication, but given the mansions history and importance would be well worth the effort.

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lll_pl said...

There is another one on 2860 Harrison Ave, looks like a gorgeous frame victorian that someone chopped the front porch off and attached a brick square box to the front, such a shame!!!