Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cincinnati Preservation Bargains: A shingle style Mansion

Some times a "Preservation Bargain" involves not only a house but a neighborhood as well. 621 Forest was probably one of the more elegant homes on the block when built. This home is done in the 'shingle style' that became popular in the late Victorian era. This home is a 'high example" of the style.  Note the various patterned shingles on the structure. The arched  porch opening and the fanciful, but yet restrained, turret integrated into the front roofline. The multi pane windows are a nod to the English Victorian style . The wide overhanging eaves signaled the architectural change from the Victorian era into the arts and crafts era.

Simply put, the home was designed to be an architectural masterpiece, and like many once fine homes in Avondale it suffered the indignity of apartment conversion (currently a 2 plex.). The house needs eave work but overall the exterior appears to be in good condition. Someone with somone vision...and willing to be a true "Urban Pioneer" could make a significant impact on the neighborhood. As we are starting to see in other areas of the city, all it takes is a few individuals to start a neighborhood transformation.

The price? An incredible 9,900.00! MLS #1300426, listed by Star One real estate 513-474-9100

Do you know of a preservation bargain? A home needing the love of a preservation minded person to return it to its former glory? If so email me at and we may feature it here. Since we began this series dozens of Cincinnati homes have been saved from the clutches of slumlords , or worse yet a city bulldozer. Restoring Cincinnati, one house at a time.


Dale from Avon said...

I was going to mention this house to you - and here it is. The shingles on this house are in amazingly great shape and the paint job is good. Other than the eaves which need the proper work the out side is not bad at all. The lot is good size and there are remnants of cut stone walkways forming a serious garden footprint in the back. It is in its own storybook setting. Even with the large curtain wall of windows across the back of the lot from the abutting apt. building it kind of adds to the appeal of the space. Like so many houses in Avondale this house is a very unique place.
The house to the East of this one is actually a similar shingle style also. It would not be surprising if these two houses had been connected in some way at the beginning when they were built. It has a brick two story porch addition across the front which when quickly driving by obscures the rest of the house.
The house a few doors away on the corner of Forest and Washington is getting painted! It went from looking like it had a date with the city's wrecking ball to looking like a million dollars with just the windows/trim painted.
Thanks for your post.

Karen Anne said...

How about a photo of the house that's being painted?