Friday, March 9, 2012

Historic OTR /Brewery District: Imperial Theatre for sale

An architectural  icon in the Brewery District, the Imperial Theater , located at 270-280 McMicken is on the market and Preservationists throughout the city are holding their collective breath in the  hope that the grand structure will find a preservation minded buyer who will restore it to its former glory and find a adaptive reuse for it.

The property  anchors the intersection of Mohawk and McMicken in the heart of the district and its rebirth could jump start the area which is seeing some renewed preservation efforts. The property has a remarkably intact interior, its theater seats, even functional lighting. the property need restoration but compared to the condition of most theaters left of its era is in remarkably sound shape

The property could easily be used as a classic movie house, a venue for a theater group or even as a dinner Theatre. The Imperial has been largely unused for years has high style interior details that are often long gone from similar theatres. Thousands of neighborhood theaters have been lost over the decades as times changed and large cineplexes came into being. Theaters like the Imperial are rare indeed.

The property is listed for 179,000.00 and sits on a 100 x120 foot lot. MLS1299116


Quimbob said...

that's a lot of money for a building the owners have no use for. It has been vacant or used as a warehouse the entire time I have lived in Cincinnati - since the early 80s. Maybe it was a used mattress store for awhile?
A community group wanted to make it a performance hall for gospel music but that never materialized.
Overpriced property is going to be the killer in OTR's revival at this point.

WestEnder said...

^ I was thinking the same thing, to be honest. But it would be great if someone negotiated a good deal and turned this place into something special like it should be.

It probably doesn't help that the new West End social services center is going to be across the street.