Monday, March 5, 2012

K nox Hill Project: Weekly Update

As might be expected this week has been  very hectic with the neighborhood  work on the C. Winkler house and assisting the Neighborhood with that project..

Constructed with 1 inch bead boards this will last a while.
If you recall last week we were talking about the hatch construction to cover the old rotted one on the basement stairs (which has been blocked up anyway). Until we can backfill it I have been worried about someone, not spaying attention could fall through the old hatch which was really shot. As you can see quite an improvement.
The old hatch was on its last legs

Work is continuing on stenciling and other Dining room restoration  and I will try to do an update on this project soon. At the same time we are working on the staircase areas too. Spring is here and its a busy time all around!


Marilyn said...

In 2006 I built a beautiful set of doors like that out of v-board, reinforced on the back, aluminum channels at top and bottom, silicone caulking, oil primer and paint, and now, 6 years later, some of the boards have rotted and fallen off and I have to totally rebuild the doors. Guess the trick is to leave the doors open most of the time, but then, that defeats the purpose.

Marilyn said...

Here's the link: