Monday, March 19, 2012

Knox Hill Project : Weekly Update: The Spring "Restoration Boom"

Things are blooming and building all over the neighborhood. We now find ourselves on yard work as the grass is growing and we have lawn chores. We are now scheduling the tree trimmer to come out and take down two trees that need to go. Work is continuing on too many fronts to detail here and as we closer to home tour in May, you may expect shorter and fewer blog posts but packed with lots of news.

Another big neighborhood step! The house across the street  is now getting some of the third color applied. This red really makes the house pop and the frames are being restored and back up between the brackets and the detail center trim should be up soon and they are hoping to get the slate roof on soon.

Volunteers have climbed all over the C Wilkins house and the entire front facade is now vinyl free! paint colors have been selected and there will be three shades of green, a medium copper, a medium red, a burgundy and a gold. Lot cleanup is coming along well too and several trees are coming down and brush is being cleared. Designs are being finalized for the new front stoop and steps too. There has been very positive response to this project and lots of people drove by on the weekend to check things out.

Not to mention there is another house started under restoration on the block and another starting in two weeks!

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