Monday, March 12, 2012

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

Spring is in the air and this week so was spring cleaning. We went through all the stuff we had accumulated during restoration and were essentially moving it from room to room as more parts of the house get restored. This works great in theory but eventually you reach that tipping point where you need to get rid of stuff and it was that time.

We bought a "Bagster" from our local home improvement store. We have used these before and they are great for situations where you are not in need of a huge dumpster. Essentially it a dumpster made out of a heavy material that looks a lot like some sort of super tarp. You simply unfold it, put flat materials  in the bottom and sides and fill it up.

Having hauled tons of material this week, and working on the volunteer cleanup of the Winkler house, our backs are sore. I will cover the volunteer work on that house tomorrow. They are already testing paint colors!

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