Monday, March 26, 2012

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

A little cooler weather made working outside easier this weekend. With the home tour coming there is a lot of outside things to do. For some time we have been trying to decide how to treat a 21 inch strip of right of way at the front of the house. Initially we cleaned it out and put down some mulch but everytime we have heavy rain it gets washed out.  So we have decided our best plan will be to create a series of raised beds with brick walks in between.  So we spent part of the weekend clearing the mulch and weeds out and started laying brick.

Another area we are working on is the right of way strip that runs up the side street by our house. This was planted several years ago by a neighbor with mostly native plants and things have taken off to a point it now needs some thining so it doesn't look 'weedy". So we are cutting things back a bit from the sidewalk. It's a big area so we are doing a little bit at a time.

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