Friday, March 23, 2012

Portico Project: C. Wilkins House Corbels-porch

On the front facade of the C, Wilkins House there was a small overhanging portico. This was evidenced by the 'ghosting' we found when the siding was exposed and the outline of an attached woodwork was evidenced on the upper part of the door frame.

Most likely this was a bracketed small roof structure that extended beyond the from door. Of course other than how far this went down on the door frame (4 feet) , that is really all we have to go on. Historical evidence suggests that these overhangs extended between 16-24 inches and were held up by decorative corbels on either side of the door.

The design of the corbel is based on the form of the upper brackets at  the roof line, but would be larger and slightly  more elaborate. The brackets we are using are 24 inches tall and 18 inches wide and made of pine done in sections and then glued up with a good marine glue. On anything this elaborate its a good idea to pre paint it as its hard to so delicate paintwork 16 feet above ground. The dark green is the base color and the burgundy used on the window sashes is used along with gold  paint.

This will be supplemented by a larger face trim 48 inches long that will be screwed to the corbel and then anchored to the door frame, a top piece 22 inches in length will go on the top and allow a location for a 'drop finial.' We will show the install in an upcoming post


Karen Anne said...

I've lost track - who actually owns that house? A neighborhood association?

Karen Anne said...

Saving a neighborhood, with help from a sane local government:

Paul Wilham said...

One of our board members bought it and signed an agreement with the neighborhood association that will stabilize the building which will be resold with protective covenants.

Our company is donating retorationa planning and some key stabilization/restoration work,