Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Volunteers make quick progress on Wilkins House Clean-up

Residents and volunteers are making quick progress on the Chas.Wilkins House "Save not Raze' project.The vinyl siding removal is also progressing on the front elevation in addition to the East elevation. Generally speaking  the siding is in remarkably good condition though some people looked in amazement as they saw vinyl siding 'coming off' the house. In fact one person stopped to ask when the house was being demoed and seemed flabbergasted that the house was being restored! If nothing else the restoration of the Wilkins house will be an education for many in the community.

Volunteers worked on getting rid of the weeds and overgrown trees that had not been touched in seven years.

In a symbolic gesture of rebirth, it was decided to test paint colors on the front of the house. Several different combinations are being tested to see which one will look right.


Dale from Avon said...

Was anything done to the bare wood before putting the color on?

Paul Wilham said...

Yes Dale, the wood was scraped, wire brushed and sanded, then wiped down with cleaner. We used tinted primers for testing.

The concensus was that we should go with a more sage green pallets for the body (2 colors), A burgundy, rose and a gold as trim colors.

It will be a more muted palette as with the size of the house , we didn't want it to overpower.