Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wilkins House Restoration: Portico Project

Busy week for all those involved in the C.Wilkins house restoration as part of the Knox Hill "Save-not-Raze' project. We were able to see what the view from the rooftop deck will look like as I inspected the roof (in good condition) as expected an incredible view of the neighborhood!

Our company, in addition to being the restoration consultants for the project, are involved in several restoration projects on site. Currently that is the recreation of the portico that was over the front door of the street facade. I covered the corbel creation on another blogpost., today we talk about the install.

A portico basically is a small porch and its purpose is to provide some protection from rain. This one measures 24x48 and is supported by the two brackets or corbels. The attachment process involved extending the side of the support by attaching a 48 inch board to the back and a 24 inch board to the top This creates a larger attachment surface and provides greater rigidity to the supporting structure. The boards are screwed to the corbel with several 3 inch screws and construction adhesive is also used.

 The bracket structure is then attached to the door frame with 4 inch screws that go through the five-quarter trim boards and into the 2x4’s building structure.

The roof structure is pre built out of 2x4's and trimmed with 1x4 finish grade pine trim boards. The roof structure is made with tongue and groove boards (as an original would be). The big change is that this will then be covered with a quarter inch concrete composite backer board that is water proof and that will be covered by a EPDM membrane roof. The roof structure is attached in two ways with 4 inch screws and by an attachment to 4 hidden angle brackets which will insure structural integrity in high winds. The roof is also attached to the corbels with screws. The next step will be to create a paneled underside that you will see from the street.

The “big peel” continues on the house and now extends to the west side and neighborhood volunteers are making great progress. The insulation and siding are being recycled. Scraping and painting continues. The house continues to garner quite a bit of attention and several people stopped by over the weekend to view the progress.

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