Monday, March 5, 2012

Winkler House restoration begins with some unusual finds.

Volunteers began removing the 'crappy' vinyl siding off the C. Winkler House. No one was prepared however to see this very rare siding underneath. The siding is a double cove milled tongue and groove siding, rarely seen in Cincinnati. The siding typically is found in more commonly in northern parts of Ohio around the Cleveland area. Unless this was a 'custom mill' job done locally, it had to be brought in. The siding it attached with appropriate square cut nails so it is NOT a reside.

There have also been a couple of interesting historic finds on site as well. Some old bottles and cans but the most unusual being this combination cane/ruler promotional piece from the "Safe T Pacific Baking Company, San Francisco 7, California on one side a ruler on another and promotional ads for Safe T Cone ice cream cones on the other two sides. How this got from the west coast to Midwest is anyone guess. Who knows what other treasures are within?

The restoration plan is being written right now and soon bid specs will be released for the steps and tuck-pointing work. Plans are underway to set up a special blogsite for this project as it progresses, more details to come.

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Marilyn said...

That's called Dutch Lap siding. The house next door to me has it.