Thursday, April 12, 2012

C.Wilkins "Save-not-Raze" Project Updates

"Let there be light", and there was as the first reglazed and repaired original window went back into the front window which had been boarded up for over three years!. If course now we have the boards off, we have determined the window sill will need reconstruction ( but frankly not unexpected). Paint is coming off the outside window trim well though.The front parlor of the house is very light filled with three large windows not to mention the front door ( new new historic one that will go in has a large glass too, which should let in even more light).

Neighborhood volunteers also took some time to remove a tree on the property line as well as remove an old fence and do some serious cleanup on 1853 Knox next door. Imagine our surprise to learn on Monday that the city was taking bids on its demo! The Knox Hill "preservation army" sprang into action, calls and emails were made to the entire city council and mayors office and by Tuesday Ed Cunningham informed us that a decision had been made to pull it from demo in order to allow the neighborhood time to find a solution to Save it! Many thanks to those of you who got on the phones and sent emails. The city is beginning to realize that Knox Hill is getting results.


Dale from Avon said...

Are the flat panels under the right two windows original? Seems like they may be a "fix" for something. Had there been a porch across the front? Just curious.

Karen Anne said...

Man, that green paint looks great.

Here's 1853 Knox for others who wonder what it looks like:

Paul Wilham said...

Dale we are adding some detail back. There appeared to be some ghost shadows on the siding that indicated that there was something that extended down from each window. We dont have any original photos so we dont know what the design looked like. Could have been a solid panel but bead board is a more likely scenario. We think that detail and the corner boards were lost when they put "insulbrick' On it in the 1940's. At least they stripped that off before they put the vinyl on. No evidence of a full porch. Most Sec Empires didnt have full porches.