Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Focus on Restoration: A week of Discoveries

Just when you might think there isn't anything new happening on my block , here is another amazing find. The owners of the Second Empire across the street, had expected to probably put on a slate roof (with recycled slate, which even though the mansard roof is small, is still a costly proposition. Imagine the surprise when they took off the 3 tab shingles to find the original shake roof!

While it was necesary to fill some holes and as would be expected the wood is very dried out, it is in good enough condition to be painted. The color is a shade darker than the body of the house.. Naturally several coats will be needed.  When you consider the fact that it is even there  after all these years is an amazing stroke of  luck!

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Karen Anne said...

What a great house. Might they let you post interior photos?