Monday, April 16, 2012

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update: Chandeliers to landscaping

Lots of projects this week to cover. The first one was the installation of the ceiling medallion and chandelier in the dining room.. We chose a five light chandelier, because one we got it an a bargain price and two because  it fills the space of the center round sky panel nicely. Another plus is we are using a round dining table in the space so repeats the theme. Install was easy as the box was already there and it was a reinforced bar type. Its important to always use a reinforced box when hanging large lights. We used a silicone adhesive on the back of the medallion and 4 screws to hold it in place. Now that's dome I can get back to finishing stencilling.

We have also started final sanding of the new front parlor floor. I am hoping to get the get the conditioner put on next week and stain. All this work and most of it is covered by oriental rugs!

I took this photo of the chandelier we put in last week reflected in the overmantle mirror.

Greg has done a great job cutting and laying all the bricks and I took some time to divide some daylillies to go in some of the new beds and we put some snapdragons in for instant color. I also sewed allysum seeds which should fill those beds the rest of the way. Some of our neighbors are starting similar projects on the block this summer.

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Karen Anne said...

I really like what you've done with the sidewalk planting area.