Thursday, May 24, 2012

Building a raised garden bed

There may be places in your garden that you will have the use for raised garden beds. Raised beds are practicle and important if you decide to grown vegetables or herbs as you want clean soil. Most soil found around a typical old house has higher levels of lead than you would want your plants in..

Building these beds is a pretty simple process. I used 2x8 non treated lumber. I prefer to use the non treated because it doesn't have chemicals in it used in the treating process or treated lumber. In this case the frames  was made with two eight foot boards and three, three foot boards which were screwed together using 4 inch screws . You want to have a center board when doing a bed this long as otherwise the weight of the soil could cause bowing of the long side. The location selected gets about 4- 6 hours of sun a day and should be fine for the herbs and maybe a couple of tomato plants we plan on planting there. A good quality weed block was placed on the bottom of the frame and then strips were cut for the edges to go slightly up the sides.

The frame was then filled with a combination of clean potting soil and composted manure. The mulch is  colored with a natural based vegetable dye. The non treated frames typically last a couple of years it is easy to replace them by building a slightly larder frame around them and then lifting the old frame out. look for an update on how this was planted and plants to use to keep away insects and unwanted animals out of your garden. Total cost to make this? Less than fifty bucks and time was about 1 1/2 hours from start to finish.

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