Wednesday, May 2, 2012

C Wilkins House "Save-not Raze Project updates

Work continues by volunteers and nails are being pulled from the old vinyl install and an asessment is ongoing regarding the exterior siding.

Our First "nastygram' arrived from the city with tons of nebulous hoops to jump through and of course the city expects we will pay VBML fees or apply for the waiver. We have countered that we would like the city to convert the VBML back to simple repair orders. This will one make it easier for all exterior items to be in compliance as we know exactly what the city expectation would be and two it would remove the 'redlining' aspects of the VBML (vacant building maintenance  license) and allow a new owner to more readily obtain financing. The building departments response is less than satisfactory so we plan on a formal request for documentation of the case file and force the city to document 'why' a VBML was placed on it and what the  original repair item issues were, More to come on this, but we may need to file a federal Fair housing redlining complaint against the city if the matter is not resolved.. The VBML ordinance has been so abused by the Vacant Building Task Force and is being used ina way not intended by the council when they drafted it.

As usual Knox Hill residents have no problem standing up for what is right. It is the city 'Redtape and Roadblocks' that are holding our community back.

There has already been a fair amount of interest by people wanting to buy it when the exterior restoration is completed. Not unexpectedly mostly out of state people who like Second Empire architecture.

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