Friday, May 25, 2012

Knox Hill: a look back

From time to time I will share some historic photos that have come to light regarding Knox Hill. Thanks to the home tour, and the publicity around it  I have received some key pieces to the Knox Hill puzzle.

This home is one ofe th more interesting in Knox Hill. If you look at the right side of the house you can see what is the more typical Brick Italianate cottage. The right side however reveals a towered addition. Today this house has a Fairmount St address but originally it was a Knox address. The house still stands to day thought its very hard to see this view on the Knox side because of all the trees. According to the family who once owned it, it was purchased from the Seegar Farmstead.

What makes this house interesting is the fact the porch columns appear to have come from the Schuetzenverin
which suffered a fire. It would appear that salvage from that site survived and made it's way to the construction of the porches on this house. The tower cap bears a striking resemblance to one on a church farther down the hill which is identical in size and form but this one has windows on it. Apparently the Victorians liked to recycle.

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