Monday, June 4, 2012

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

Lots of projects this week. Working on some repairs in basement and getting some bids from contractors on mechanicals. In this midst of all that I always find some 'little thing' that shows me that the house is evolving on its own too and taking on its own character. This Snapdragon had taken roots on the wall and was already in bloom. Now I'll be the first to say its a bad thing to let ivy or plants embed themselves in stone work, but in this case I decided to let it stay. It adds a certain artistic expression to the wall.

The sidewalk garden on the east side of the property continues to mature as well. The Daylily blooms are over five feet tall this year. Many things going this week so this update is short, more to come , as always.

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Karen Anne said...

I believe I read somewhere recently that they no longer think ivy is bad for stonework or brick.