Friday, June 15, 2012

Vacant lot redevelopment coming to Knox Hill

We are pleased to announce have acquired five vacant lots in the Knox Hill area for new infill home development  Lot sizes vary and are in the 2400 Blocks of Thompson, Scully and the 1900 block of Knox Street.

These lots many of which have been an eyesore for some time and often a source of illegal dumping will be cleaned up,and cut. To prevent any further dumping the front seven to ten feet at the front of each lot will be landscaped and a picket fence installed across the back of the landscaped area to prevent vehicle access.

The land at the rear of the lots will be used as raised bed gardening opportunities for neighboring residents until such time as new housing construction begins. We hope to demonstrate that landscaped right of ways at vacant lots improve the overall appearance of the community , deter illegal dumping and raise neighborhood property values.

We hope to also illustrate the need for a zoning standard that would require landscaped right of ways by owners of non used vacant lots and the requirement that landscaped right of ways MUST be done as condition of any demolition permit until lots are is required in many other cities.

If you are interested in new custom build to suit construction home opportunities in Knox Hill please contact us.

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