Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wilkins House: Save-not-Raze Project update

With the Home Tour over the neighborhood is now able to focus on continued cleanup efforts and of course the Charles Wilkins "Save-not-Raze" project house.

In addition to working on the front facade painting we are now starting to do some yard cleanup and are working on the front landscape.

The goal here is to bet the overgrown grass and weeds dug out and mulch the area so it will have a better appearance and require less maintenance.

We not only worked on the Wilkins House, but the Italianate next door. Recent rains had further deteriorated the  wood porch next door resulting in its collapse. Volunteers removed the debris, cut down some of the honeysuckle, and began cleanup on the lot as well. The old porch was covered with ugly plastic lattice and a real hazard.The house looks much cleaner and it has greatly improved the overall street scape. Graffiti that was on the house was painted over and once the Wilkins house is painted, that house may get some attention too. The neighborhood hopes to acquire the house in the future and duplicate the effort on the Wilkins House.

The Knox Hill Save-not-Raze program acquires endangered homes, stabilizes the exterior to preservation standards  and then the property will; be sold to a new owner occupant who will complete the restoration. If you,or someone you know , who would like to own this 3600 square foot Second Empire home please contact us.

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