Friday, July 6, 2012

The Lost Mansions of Knox Hill

We learn new things everyday about our neighborhood and as we do more research on the "Overlook Area" on the eastern end of the neighborhood, we keep finding more and more indications of just how grand the area once was.

If you ever go down Waverly near Lunkenheimer Valve you will note a high retaining wall and a flat area on top. Clearly something was once there. A row if houses perhaps? The reality is that it once housed a grand mansion of epic proportions and to its east a large Federal era home and to the west a nice Second Empire Townhome. This mansion was clearly the largest residential structure on the hill and must have been built by someone of importance. Clearly more research to do.

If anyone comes across any photos showing the houses behind Lunkenheimer or views from the viaduct looking west toward the hill let is know.

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cincyhistoryluvr said...

What street would that be on?