Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mayor Mallory “I’m not a big tear-down fan.”. Hypocrisy!

As Cincinnati loses its historic fabric everyday mayor Mallory was off to a conference in New Orleans where he stated: “I’m not a big tear-down fan.”.Mallory's comments

Since young preservationist read my column I will not repeat what I thought but put simply I am amazed he could say that with a straight face!

Since 2005 over 650 homes, most built pre 1900 have been destroyed under his watch. This mayor has presided over the abuse of the VBML ordinance that has resulted in the keep vacant/condemn list rise to over 5000 and he is doing nothing to stop the county land bank from demolishing over 1000 homes.

Knox Hill Neighborhood Asociation has to file a federal citizens complaint to get any section 106 review process and that is a farce as the current Urban Conservator, Larry Harris, routinely rubber stamps historic property as non historic including a very historic home on Selim in South Fairmount that preservationists had to scramble to save at the last moment.

This same mayor that stated he got "all tingly" about the proposal of MSD to demolish the entire South Fairmount  historic business ditrict to build a glorified drainage ditch. that project would demolish over 80 structures some dating to 1850 and destroy businesses that provide much needed jobs.

So I say this: Mr Mayor, if you really meant what you said, PROVE IT!  Come to my neighborhood, walk my streets with me, see the vacant lots your policies have left. See the vacant buildings that languish because of your VBML policy. Look at the illegal dump sites on vacant lots, look at the overgrown lots. You tell me what YOU are going to do about it.

Do that or you will be a national laughing stock because trust me, the 150,000 preservation minded people who read this blog everyday will forward this piece to EVERYONE they know,. You will no longer be able to go to national conferences and make laughable statements again because people will know the truth.

Put up or shut up!

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