Saturday, July 21, 2012

South Fairmount /Knox Hill Preservation Strategy Meeting Today

The South Fairmount Community Council held a joint meeting with Knox Hill Neighborhood Association leaders to explore preservation strategy in South Fairmount.

The South Fairmount area has been subject to heavy light abatement (demolition) activities and with the potential loss of the Business district due to the MSD Lick Run Daylighting project and potential widening of Westwood Blvd were discussed as well as impacts of the VBML and the current city Section 106 review process were topics of conversation. Also discussed were potential impact to the neighborhood by the county land bank activities.

The next meeting will focus on an architectural walking tour of the impacted MSD Lick Run daylighting area and how historic preservation  and preservation of historic assets could play a role in saving the business district.

Strategy goals include :Assessment of historic inventory of the South Fairmount neighborhood. Determine adaptive reuse applications of vacant commercial warehouse structures. "Re-Branding of the South Fairmount area as the next turnaround neighborhood.. Getting city 'buy-in" to see preservation opportunity in area rather than old urban renewal strategies that have failed. Achieving greater owner occupancy of homes. Use of  Historic Preservation as a means to create job opportunities in the community.

More planning meeting are planned to develop a comprehensive preservation strategy.

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