Thursday, August 2, 2012

Public Comment sought on MSD Lick Run: Time for preservation to be heard!

One of only two remaining Queen Ann residences in all of South Fairmount

MSD is entering the public comment phase of the Lick Run project which would ultimately result in the destruction of South Fairmount, loss of numerous businesses and jobs the community deperately needs. While we beleive that negative non supportive comments will never see the light of day by MSD we are also sending our comments to EPA zone at

The MSD email is here

I entered my email comments to MSD as well and here they are, I encourage EVERYONE that cares about preservation to do the same:

My name is Paul Willham and I represent the Knox Hill Neighborhood
Association and area of aproximately 224 homes in the area overlooking
this proposed project.

The Knox Hill Neighborhood Association is in favor of the deep tunnel
approach to resolve the storm water seperation issue for Mill Creek.
This is a proven, tested solution that will resolve the issue and most
importantly preserve historic South Fairmount.

We are OPPOSED to the alternative which would destroy significant
historic architecture, dislocate businesses that employ local
residents and forever destroy the history of the City of Cincinnati.

There is nothing 'green' about the demolition of existing structures
and placing them in a landfill, the removal of millions of tons of
soil, the trucking in of soil to replace a brownfield all to
'recreate' a stream that was essentially used as an open sewer when it
originally existed.

We question the 'openess' of this entire process, when section 106
review was only considered after our neighborhood association raised
the issue when the county was ready to begin demolition. We question
the 'openess' of property acquisition. Most importantly we question
the openess of the process when it was made apparent to EPA, long
before this alternative was presented to the public that this was the
proposed plan that would essentially result in the destruction of the
South Fairmount for yet another "urban renewal scheme" which
Cincinnati is famous for.

In the 1960's we demolished another neighborhood called Kenyan Barr
for the construction of Queensgate Industrial Park. 25000 people,
mostly poor African Americans were dislocated to Avondale, Walnut
Hills and other parts of the city which prompted 'white flight' and
forever changed the character of this city and in the minds of many
urban planers, hastened its decline. Kenyan Barr now only exists in
many urban planing textooks as a classic case of what not to do in
responsible urban planning, and Queensgate never reached a level of
sucess it was projected to do.

If MSD has it's way with this alternative plan, a glorified drainage
ditch, we are doomed to repeat the mistake of Kenyan Barr and further
ruin the 'preservation image' of Cincinnati.

For Knox Hill we see this process as a farce. The community was never
engaged but directed in a carefully controlled process. We will bring
our postion directly to EPA, our Congressman, Senators, the Govenor,
and the federal court via an amicus brief we will submit directly to
the court.

South Fairmount is a viable community which can be redeveloped by
leveraging its historic assets, creation of a national historic
district, creation of a main street development program and turn
itself around without its destruction as MSD, and this city's mayor

We will never support a "boondoggle" that will result in the
destruction of South Fairmount, because MSD and the city is worried
about its Moody's bond rating more than the citizens of this city.

Paul Willham, president
Knox Hill Neighborhood Association

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Dan said...

Well written but loses all credibility when you use the word "boondoggle". Seriously...?