Friday, August 24, 2012

Second MSD Town hall brings more community pushback

MSD officials, as a county commissioner in the audience looked on, heard more push back from the community regarding the MSD project, even though this meeting, like the previous one was heavily loaded with MSD employees and consultants in the audience.

Unlike the previous meeting it wasn't just push back from South Fairmount regarding the Lick Run alternative. Other residents in other areas of the watershed raised questions about the lack of engagement by MSD to the community.

Serious questions were raised about MSD modeling efforts, the removal of large amounts of property from the property tax base, the loss of businesses. One watershed resident who owns property next to one daylighted stream asked why MSD had not reviewed his video of the flooding caused by that daylighted stream.

South Fairmount,frustrated by the lack of transparency and engagement by MSD, announced they were holding their own Town hall on Tuesday the 28th at Orion Academy to discuss their proposed enhancement.

While MSD may reach a determination soon it looks like their will be major opposition at the county commissioner level as their are many unanswered questions.

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