Thursday, September 20, 2012

Knox Hill Neighborhood announces new stabilization project

KHNA has acquired another home in the 1800 Block as part of its save-not-raze project which stabilizes historic homes for resale to new preservation minded buyers.

The home built in the 1880's is a 2 1/2 story Italianate with 4 bedrooms and two baths. The home was converted (illegally) in the 1990's to a triplex.  The home had been vacant since 2007 when it was bought by an investor who put a new roof and vinyl siding on it.

KHNA will embark on a general cleanup on the project this Saturday starting at 9 AM. The goals of the Save-not-Raze project is to remove the vinyl from the front facade and restore the original character of the home which features a nice cornice and box gutter. The original front door has also been recovered and will be reinstalled and the front facade will receive a four color historic paint job. Additionally a new picket fence will be installed on the front and side yards and flowers and landscaping will occur.

" The goal here is to create a positive feel for the neighborhood and to bring attention to the historic aspects of the neighborhood" according to one KHNA board member. "Most importantly we are bringing back owner occupancy to the neighborhood and that creates stability".

The home will be resold to a new owner with protective covenants that will cover the exterior of the home and the home must be maintained as a single family home. Prospective home buyers must rehabilitate the home within 2 years and pull permits within 90 days of purchase and demonstrate financial means to do the restoration. Anticipated sales price of the stabilized home is expected to be around 20K.

The 1800 Block of Knox has several restorations on the block and owner occupancy is increasing and crime is on the decline. With new infill construction planned to begin in 2013 on several vacant lots the neighborhood is well on its way back.

If you are interested in this home please contact me at and you to can be part of the Knox Hill Comeback!

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