Friday, September 7, 2012

Ninety Minute Makeover! A quick fall project.

Everyone has a part of their yard that needs some help in the fall. In this case a couple of evergreens has suffered due to the Midwest drought and were dying. Once they were cut down we had space but no direction.

This is also in the front yard and the idea was to create a little quiet space to sit in the yard.  We has some good plants in place, it just needed a plan to put it all together. The space itself is narrow about 9 feet on this level and about 15 feet long.

Fall is great time to get deals and we found the stone garden bench on sale for 26.00. The 3 plume grass was another 15 bucks and the 3 mums were 15.00 as well. The flat stone we had laying about but a local landscape supply site this small amount would probably run 40 bucks max. The path gravel was 4 bags at a cost of 12.00.

Two people, and ninety minutes later and it was done, quite a change from the before and at a very low cost!

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